CySEC Mock Exams (Advanced) 1+2+3+4+5

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This product is to receive access to 5 different mock exams totaling 350 different multiple choice questions. You will receive email access within 24 hours, usually less. The exams are online and electronically marked.

CySEC Mock Exams (Advanced)

This is to purchase access to 5 online mock exams for CySEC Advanced Certificate Exam. Each exam is different from the other and contains 70 multiple choice questions. You will be provided with access to an online exam portal where you can take each exam up to 4 times. If you need to repeat them, simply send us an email to and we can rest the trials for free.

Within 24 hours of your payment, whether by Card or by bank, we will send you access to your email for the 5 CySEC mock exams (advanced). Each exam contains 70 different unique questions that have been carefully written to allow you to practice well and help you pass the real exam. The online portal we use is very similar to the real exam portal used at the examination center. You will be able to

  1. Retake the exams as many times as you want
  2. Auto grade them
  3. See the right answers
  4. Mark questions for review
  5. Export your results to pdf

The mocks are timed exames. Once you start you need to finish them, it is no possible to pause it, thus giving you the same feeling of the real exam.

7 reviews for CySEC Mock Exams (Advanced) 1+2+3+4+5

  1. Marina

    great exams. they assisted me to pass the real exam!

  2. Ladislav

    Thanks to George for recommending those mock exams, nothing like others.

  3. Fuencepen

    well organized and structured mock exams.

  4. Maria

    great mock exams

  5. Robert

    Thanks for your Mocks. One thing we have noticed is always real exams are a bit harder, however by doing the mock exams for sure it will help you pass. Without them there was no way i could have passed from first time

  6. Dusty

    Just wish to say your exams are outstanding.
    Thanks a million and please carry on the enjoyable work.

  7. james

    great job done. very detailed mock

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