CySEC AML Certification Mock Exam I

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Please allow 24 hours to receive access by email.

This is to purchase access to 1 online mock exams for CYSEC AMLCO certification exam. Each exam is different from the other and contains 40 multiple choice questions. You will be provided with access to an online exam portal where you can take any  exam up to 4 times. If you need to repeat them, simply send us an email to and we can rest the trials for free.

2 reviews for CySEC AML Certification Mock Exam I

  1. Alina

    perfect for reviewing the material before the exam! Although i did not go to the actual exam yet, but i like the fact that you have unlimited trials

  2. Oksana

    Mock exam questions are completely different format from the actual exam and some questions are too specific and absolutely irrelevant. Also, I didn’t see the benefit of this mock to check my knowledge of the syllabus as I didn’t get the report which questions I got wrong therefore no clue which areas required additional study. Maybe somebody finds this mock helpful, but for me it was a waste of money.

    • Ioannis Gerousis

      Thank you for your comment. We respect your feedback and that’s why we published it. The exams are designed for practice purposes, which, coupled by studying the material and taking the course, is the best way to get the certificates. Last week we had two students going to the AML exam and taking our course and doing all four mocks, they passed with 90% and 80%. If you have not passed the real exam, kindly contact us to offer you free of charge access to the rest of the mocks for training purposes.

      Moreover, as for the results, once you submit the answers in the mock exam, you need to “click” on view questions and the portal will give you a detailed report with your answers and the correct answers as well.

      Mock Report

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