Year 2021 – [5 hours CPD] – C181 Online Course

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This course is an online-self study course that has been designed for trainees who work in the financial industry especially those who are in contact with clients such as sales people. account managers, introducers, marketing personnel, etc… The course is comprised of 3 parts, each part has several sections. It covers 3 main subjects: Market Awareness, CySEC rules and regulations, and Business Ethics. After each section there is a short quiz in order to confirm that you have comprehended the material. To pass the course you will need to pass all 3 quizzes. To pass the quizzes you will need to read the material first.

After Successfully finishing the course and passing all 3 quizzes, you will be able to download and print your certificate.

Important Note: By proceeding with this training you explicitly agree and acknowledge that:

  1. You will spend the full time required to complete this training which is 5 hours including the QUIZ
  2. You are legally accessing this training, i.e. you are the person who is intended to take this training
  3. You will do your best to read, understand and comprehend the material to its full extent
  4. Your certificate might not be valid and you should not use it for any legal purpose in case you do not comply with the above points.

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