Year 2021 – [5 hours] – Anti Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

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This training is intended to provide an overall overview of regulations with regards to AML/CFT which apply to Investment Firms and other obliged entities. The target audiences are new and existing employees of investment firms and banks. The training has been updated to include latest circulars, rules and regulations issued in 2020/2021.

Once you start the training you can stop at any time you want, and once you login, you will continue from where you left. After completing each part of this training, you need to mark as complete. The training has been designed in a way so you can spend at least 5 hours to complete, including the quiz at the end.

After completing the training, you need to complete the Quiz (multiple choice). The quiz is an essential part of the training, and it is also designed in a strategic way in order to complement the normal training. The pass mark is 70%, however you need to keep doing it, in case you do not pass, until you manage to pass. There is no limit for the trials. Once you pass the quiz, you will be able to download and print your certificate.

Certificates have unique codes on them which can be verified on our website. The database for verification is usually updated once a week. So please allow one week for your certificate code to enter the database.

If you have any questions about the training or you wish to engage in discussions or have specific questions please do send an email to and we will reply to you within a short period of time.

FxAchieve Team

Important Note: By proceeding with this training you explicitly agree and acknowledge that:

  1. You will spend the full time required to complete this training which is 5 hours including the QUIZ
  2. You are legally accessing this training, i.e. you are the person who is intended to take this training
  3. You will do your best to read, understand and comprehend the material to its full extent
  4. Your certificate might not be valid and you should not use it for any legal purpose in case you do not comply with the above points.