Year 2020 – [5 hours CPD] Contracts for Differences

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This course offers an extensive understanding of Contracts for Differences (CFDs) from a regulatory and a traders perspective. The total required time to complete this course is 10 hours. You can do it at your own pace and at different times. The course includes a 100 questions quiz. After finishing this course you will have a complete and comprehensive understanding of CFDs, how they work, complexity, KIDs, reporting and trading.

Important Note: By proceeding with this training you explicitly agree and acknowledge that:

  1. You will spend the full time required to complete this training which is 5 hours including the QUIZ
  2. You are legally accessing this training, i.e. you are the person who is intended to take this training
  3. You will do your best to read, understand and comprehend the material to its full extent
  4. Your certificate might not be valid and you should not use it for any legal purpose in case you do not comply with the above points.