Year 2021 – [5 hours] MIFID II with focus on Best Execution

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This training focuses of the latest European Directive MIFID II which came into force early 2018. MIFID II was a big challenge for Investment Firms. While MIFID II covers different aspects of investment services, yet the biggest challenge was the part related with Best Execution. Firms have struggled and many are still struggling to understand the core requirements of the directive, and once understood, how to demonstrate to regulators that they are complying with the regulations.

Although the training will include most MIFID II areas of concern, yet it will focus on the Best Execution part of MIFID II, explain what is required by the directive, and how to practically comply with its rules.

At the end of this training you will be presented with a QUIZ which you will need to pass by a 70% mark. Once passed and completed all lessons, you will be able to download and print your certificate.

Important Note: By proceeding with this training you explicitly agree and acknowledge that:

  1. You will spend the full time required to complete this training which is 5 hours including the QUIZ
  2. You are legally accessing this training, i.e. you are the person who is intended to take this training
  3. You will do your best to read, understand and comprehend the material to its full extent
  4. Your certificate might not be valid and you should not use it for any legal purpose in case you do not comply with the above points.