CySEC Exams Preparation Course February 2020

CySEC Exams Preparation Course February 2020

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About the Course

The CySEC Exams Preparation Course covers both the basic and the advanced certificates. The course is conducted at our fully equipped training center in Limassol in the evenings. For those who are looking to obtain the  basic certificate will pursue the first 7 lessons, while those who are applying for the advanced certificate should continue with an additional 4 lessons.

Our experienced instructors will make sure you understand the material. Our program includes 4 Basic Level or 5 Advanced Level Mock Computerized Exams which simulate the real exams environment; giving you, an additional advantage.

Anyone can register for CySEC Exams. The are two exam types: The Basic and The Advanced.

Persons who pass the Advanced Exam can hold positions in all investment services functions in Cypriot Investment Firms, while persons who pass the Basic Exam can provide or perform the investment services of reception and transmission of orders and execution of orders within a Cypriot Investment Firm. Moreover the advanced or basic exam allows people who work in a UCITS Management Company or a VCIC that manages UCITS to provide the service of marketing the units.

There is no requirement to pass the Basic Exam before passing the Advanced Exam, and as such students choose to do the Advanced Exam directly.

All Exams are computerized and must be done at the certified exam center in Nicosia. The cost for the Basic Exam is 200 euros and for the Advanced Exam is 300 euros. Exams are held every Tuesday & Thursday either at 11:00 am or 1:00 pm.

Although registration for the exam can be bit of a hustle, FxAchieve will assist you to fill the online form and register and will help you go through every step of the exam process.

Our 4 Basic Level or 5 Advanced Level Mock Exams which we also deliver through the course for free (worth 75 basic/250 advanced euros) will make sure that you get familiar with the real exam before you go.

Learning Plan

  • Attend the classroom classes at our training center in Limassol. The Basic Exam students have to attend 7 lessons, while the advanced students 11 lessons. The two courses are run concurrently. Each lesson represents a chapter. Handouts will be given throughout the course, and live questions and example are also provided. Through giving real life examples we make understanding the material easier.
  • You will be provided with the CySEC Booklet and our CySEC material notes. You will need to read the booklet throughout the course. Our instructors will be glad to answer any questions during the course, and after the course, and are ready to provide support until you sit for the exam.
  • You will receive a 4 mock exams which are computerized and simulate the real exam at the end of the course. The exams are valued at 120 euros but will be provided for free for our students. You can take the exams as many times as you need at the comfort of your home, which, will help you familiarize yourself with the real CySEC Exam.

Class Venue

Roussos Building, Corner Anexartesias & Kyriakou Matsi Limassol, 3040
5th Floor

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Your mock exams are amazing. They helped me pass the exam after failing it because I took the course with another provider! Some other websites copied your exams and selling them at higher prices, and do not even contain any updates. Thanks again


I would like to thank the FxAchieve team for their dedication and quality of teaching. They focus on the important stuff and tell you exactly what to focus on! I passed with 89% mark!

Christos Christou

Valuable information! Best purchase ever.

Thank you for all your help and assistance during the CySEC course and exam.
FxAhieve arrange a job for me after I passed the exam!

 pass rate for our students in the CySEC exams

FxAchieve Team