Belize regular AML/CFT Training
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Belize regular AML/CFT Training

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Belize AML/CFT Training


The Belize regular AML/CFT  training course was designed to comply with the Belize regulation for training of employees of Belize Licensed firms (brokerage, banks, and security dealers).

The online training course, includes several concise chapters in simple form, and a computerized exam which will assist the employees to understand the basic aspects of the AML/CFT Act of Belize, enhance their performance, and comply with the regulations.

A proof of training is provided individually and for companies as well.

Learning Plan

  • -5 complete chapters covering the AML/CFT Act
  • One digital 10 questions multiple choice exam
  • Digital validated proof of training certificate

Class Venue

 Self Study – Online

Your mock exams are amazing. They helped me pass the exam after failing it because I took the course with another provider! Some other websites copied your exams and selling them at higher prices, and do not even contain any updates. Thanks again


I would like to thank the FxAchieve team for their dedication and quality of teaching. They focus on the important stuff and tell you exactly what to focus on! I passed with 89% mark!

Christos Christou

Valuable information! Best purchase ever.

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